Sunday, April 26, 2009


The following is a true story. Do not be alarmed, everyone made it back and unscarred..well, almost. Parents may need to read and supervise their children as they read.

It's a Bird...It's a plane...Noooo, It's Super Underpants!!

She is our hero. We admire her every action. She makes us sigh in awe. Who is this wonderful woman??? Faith, my fantasmic sister. She has saved the day!

Picture this...Mom, Dad, and daughter Faith quietly and peacefully enjoying a day at the lake, fishing. Dad reels his line in preparing to cast out again, but something is wrong. They all stop. Look at one another in question and look into the lake. Wondering what could be down there that is preventing his line to be reeled back in. They start to worry...there is no help around...they are on the other side of the lake. What are they to do??? Faith takes a breath...looks around and she realizes that the line has gotten tangled in the motor. As she speaks out telling her parents what has happened, they suck in their breath not knowing what will happen next. Dad says that he will go in and untangle it. Faith raises her voice just a notch forbidding him to enter the water. She will go in, she will brave the unknown, she will sacrifice herself. But as these words leave her mouth she realizes that she has only one pair of more. She will have to take those off and succumb to the embarrasment of being in her undies. She is strong...she proceeds forth into the water. Mom admires her strength but just can not stop laughing at her 28 yr old daughter who is in the freezing ice cold water in nothing but her t-shirt and undies. She snips and cuts and pulls and stretches. She gets it out. She has untangled it. She now has to get back in the boat. She realizes that there is no way of doing this with ladylike grace. She pulls and flips into the boat. Shivering she helps start the motor. Mom is gasping for air as she is laughing and wishing that the cell phone wouldn't have died, making it impossible to get a picture that would have made it to the eyes of many, many people. Of course when they get back to shore, no one completely believes the story that has just happened. Faith looks back and remembers the journey she has just made. Of course now she is our super hero. Our very own Super Underpants!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Death by Balloons

The biggest water balloon fight ever! Balloons being launched over the roof, sneaking around the gate, balloons flying in all directions....whew! Patience, Mike, Nicole, Robert (Nikki's boyfriend..ooooo), his 2 cousins, Madison, and the one who we were most afraid of.....ERIC!!! He held no mercy. He could take anything that we threw at him. He would sneak up out of no where and BAM we were hit--soaked. The stealth of a 6 year old is merciless. The aim of that little arm had the accuracy to be envied. Let me tell you...he was one that will go places someday!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Wonderful, Fantasmic, Outrageous Family

If you are on this blog you know about my family. But there are so many things that are new to us that I know you are just dieing to know!! I will just go by person to person. This will be long due to having a million and a half children. (really only six) but seems like that on a Sunday morning when the boys can't find their ties, girls decided to try out that 'new" hairstyle and it ends up looking like they got electrocuted, and mom and dad are running around yelling and thinking about the years when all you had to do was pop the baby in the carrier and "walla", off to church you go.

First there is Michael, The Dad! He is working with youth that are mentally, emotionally, behaviorally challenged. He works with the youth and their families and loves it, loves it, loves it!! He has recooperated from the severe car accident that happened in 2005 ( will have a special blog all about that later).

Patience, The Mom! She is a stay at home mom at the moment. Of course all you moms know out there that the list to her daily life is never ending! She has had a few jobs in her married life, but her all time favorite is being a mom!

Buddy (Mike Jr) is 20. He is living in his own apartment and is going to Masonary school. He is dating a young woman named Gisele and they are talking marriage. Woo Hoo!

Nicole is 17. She is a junior at Skyline High and is planning on BYU Idaho after she graduates next year. She wants to be a High School Choir teacher. But until she is actually in college we won't know for sure, and even then, things can change!

Dylan is 15 (very soon will be 16). He is a freshman at East Valley High and will be going to Skyline next year. He was on the Basketball team for school and plans on being on it next year too! He is the Teacher's Quorum President at church also.

Braiytryene is 13. He is a 7th grader at East Valley High. Earlier this year he was in choir and now is in Show Choir but prefers regular choir. He is our computer genius and loves to ride the dirt bike. He is the Secretary in Deacon's.

Madison is 11 (soon to be 12). She is in the 5th grade at Legacy Elementary. She is on the Principal's Lists at school. She loves to sing and has written many short stories that will surely lead to her being on the best-selling list one day!

Eric is 6 (soon to be 7). He is in the 1st grade at Legacy Elementary. He is the our family's pride and joy. The baby always is. He is the sunshine of our days!

Chip, The Dog is probably about 4 or 5. He is part bassett hound and beagle. He sounds like a seal when he barks and has huge floppy ears that are so adorable. His real name is Coolchipsourmuffin. Named by Braiytryene due to him being his dog.

That is our wacky bunch!